Strategic Partnership: LCI Education network and STB Student Travel Bureau join forces

Montreal, 12 September 2019 - LCI Education (“LCI”) is proud to announce a strategic partnership with STB Student Travel Bureau (“STB”), the largest international education company in Brazil and Latin America. STB brings 60 regional sales offices, 280 employees, headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil and an international office in Sydney, Australia.

STB will diversify and complement LCI’s portfolio with its extensive network of agents that will connect students to LCI’s 23 higher education institutions located around the world, most notably in Australia, and in Canada where the LCI Education network has been established for more than 60 years. This partnership will power both LCI and STB into a new phase of international growth.

LCI and STB will continue to operate independently under separate corporate brands while leveraging a variety of growth synergies. As part of the agreement between the two companies, President Jose Carlos Hauer Santos Jr and VP Christina Bicalho will continue to lead STB bringing both an excellent reputation and an unparalleled knowledge of the high-growth Brazilian market where STB has been well-established since 1971.

“We are very proud to collaborate with STB’s talented employees and seasoned leadership team, President Jose Carlos Hauer Santos Jr and VP Christina Bicalho, to the LCI Education global family. STB’s dominant position in the highly attractive Brazilian market makes it a great partner to help accelerate our international growth strategy,” said Claude Marchand, CEO of LCI Education. He continued, “We are excited to collaborate with STB to offer high-quality international education opportunities to a greater student audience looking to secure a successful career path.”

“We are delighted to partner with LCI Education, a renowned international education network with 23 select higher education institutions located across five continents and includes Australia and Canada, two especially valuable markets for STB,” said Jose Carlos Hauer Santos Jr, President of STB Student Travel Bureau STB. He expanded, “We will remain operationally independent with the same team continuing to deliver great results for our clients while simultaneously leveraging valuable synergies with LCI to crystallize our international growth ambitions.”

About STB Student Travel Bureau

Founded in 1971, STB - Student Travel Bureau is the largest international education company in Brazil and Latin America. Present in the Brazilian territory with 60 sales offices, with its Head Office in São Paulo and one international office in Australia; STB is highly recognized in its market and abroad for outstanding performance in client satisfaction and solid long-term partnerships with key markets institutions. STB offers a vast and well curated range of educational experiences from language travel programs to higher education, summer and high school programs.

STB believes that international education is the capital for personal development and inclusion in the labor market in an ever increasingly competitive economy. Having a team that is highly trained and has vast international experience makes STB the number one choice of families, educators and professionals when deciding to study abroad.